Effort and Basics

Our health, fitness, weight gain or loss results are unsurprisingly correlated with effort and repeating the basics. WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? EFFORT Long term, consistent, high effort, will yield amazing results in whatever your fitness endeavor. This is not to say short-term small efforts are useless, however, your results will be dictated by the …

Effort and Basics

XS Fitness UV Sanitising System

The only one of its kind in W.A, XS Fitness has invested in protecting our members.

Our ultra violet light sanitising system consists of ten (10) high powered UV lamps that eradicate the closed gym to kill viruses, bacteria and other nasties on all exposed surfaces.

XS Fitness Newsletter #9 – September 2021

If you want that beach body this summer, it’s time to start considering your training schedule and your eating habits. Exercise alone is not the only piece in the formula assisting you with weight loss, our diet is as important with the assistance of weight loss. You can work hard in the gym for an hour, however all your work can be erased with five minutes of unmindful eating afterwards.

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