Why we are not just “Another Gym”

XS Fitness is a 24 hour boutique fitness centre. Our mission is to give every member a unique and friendly environment to achieve whatever goal they seek. Out members range from young to old, beginner to experienced, weight loss focussed to champion Body Builders.

Train whenever it suits you as we’re open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Whether you’re needing a PT, enjoy classes or you train solo, XS Fitness will suit you.

Our female membership ratio is very high. Why? Because unlike most gyms, the ladies don’t feel uncomfortable training at XS Fitness.

XS Fitness has three non-negotiables. We strive to be: The Cleanest Gym, The Friendliest Gym, The Results Gym. You’re not just a member like the big corporate gyms or franchises. At XS Fitness we regard every member a part of the XS Family and we’ll go out of our way to prove it.


The benefits of strength-based training is phenomenal. It improves muscle strength and tone, protects bone health, boosts energy levels and improves mood, reduces risk of injury and most of all it keeps the weight off for good.


Conditioning your body through a regime of exercise is a major focus for clients of XS Fitness. Whether you are conditioning for a specific sport, event or for self-image we have the necessary equipment and facilities to help achieve your goals.


Whether recovering from a vehicle accident, work or a sport injury XS Fitness’s facilities are available to assist get you back to 100%. If your health care professional has provided you with a specific program, our trainers can assist you achieve maximum results in a caring and safe environment.


Being fit and healthy isn’t a trend, a fad or seasonal hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Too many days are spent comparing ourselves to others and wishing for something we don’t have. The time is now, make fitness a priority in your life and reap the rewards.

Don’t take our word for how good XS Fitness is…

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