We are counting down the months until Summer, are you comfortable in your own skin and ready for the beach?

If you want that beach body this summer, it’s time to start considering your training schedule and your eating habits. Exercise alone is not the only piece in the formula assisting you with weight loss, our diet is as important with the assistance of weight loss. You can work hard in the gym for an hour, however all your work can be erased with five minutes of unmindful eating afterwards.

Your diet is a vital part in the formula for weight loss and muscle development. We must eat for a “calorie” deficit, this means our body is using more energy then it’s consuming (think of spending more then you earn within a budget). This forces your body to use stored energy reserves, otherwise known as fat. Your training also forms an important component to weight loss as it burns calories and develops muscles which burns calories around the clock!

The days are becoming longer, the sun rising earlier and setting later in the day, meaning more hours in the day leaving more daylight hours to train. The sunlight hours bring additional motivational levels resulting in increased results.

If you are interested in finding out more information about how you can best fuel your body and train as a package please speak to our Team for advice or book a session with one of our Personal Trainers for a session to better understand the complex human body and its requirements.

XS Fitness New Staff & Farewells

Lucy Ford and Amber Phipps have now had their final shifts at XS Fitness and are off on new and exciting opportunities. We would like to thank both Lucy & Amber for their time and dedication put into XS Fitness. Lucy will be at the gym training as she nears completion of her Personal Training course. Watch out when completed because she’ll be looking for more clients as she builds her PT business.

Welcome Ada and Izzy to XS Fitness!

We would love to introduce you to Adamaris Guzman and Isabelle Arnold our newest members to the XS Fitness Team. Ada and Izzy have been working closely with Callum to learn their new roles. Both Ada and Izzy will be familiar to many of our members as they are both current or past XS Fitness members.

The girls are learning quickly how XS runs but in mean time please be patient if they need more time to solve a query for you.

What’s New at XS


We hope you have noticed the new seated hamstring leg curl machine. It replaces the lying leg curl machine that was nearing end of life and has been retired to the outdoor training zone. The seated version places less stress on the lower back and achieves a better hamstring muscle connection. Don’t be put off but the various settings needed to be set to suit everyone’s body size. Once you have done it a few times it’s super easy but if you need any assistance in getting set up, just ask one of the XS team for a demonstration.

Two new benches have also been purchased and a new supported bent over row bench is on back order with delivery due soon (we hope).

You might have noticed one has a narrow back, this bench is ideal for chest supported exercises and fly exercises.

Really want a certain piece of equipment at XS Fitness? Please lets us know and if enough members agree, we’ll do our best to arrange it.

First Aid

The XS Fitness team have all recently completed their First Aid courses or refresher course, so they are ready to help any member that is not feeling well or suffers an injury. Don’t hesitate to speak to one of the team with any concerns you have.

Don’t forget XS has its own defibrillator located near the front door. If you or you see a member in trouble, act fast call 000 and have the defib ready to assist if a heart attack is suspected.

Outdoor Training Area

We hope you have been enjoying training outside on the balmy nights we have begun to enjoy again. The early mornings are just as special when training in the cool outside.

Membership Offers and Promotions

The 7 DAY FREE TRIALS have proved successful since introducing. Any friends, family or your ‘other half’ who are considering a gym membership, be sure to tell them about XS 7-day free trials. The trial memberships have to be arranged via the office and new members MUST provide their details and sign the necessary paperwork before they start. There are no fees at all for a 7 day trial

Member Referrals – We love referrals and we’ll pay you to help us get them.

Any current XS member who refers someone who joins XS will receive 2 weeks free membership.

House Keeping

Some reminders for all members.

If the back door has the lime green strap across the door, it means the outdoor zone is closed. If you do open the door the alarm will sound and the monitoring centre will begin to make a series of phone calls to the team at XS. Please don’t open the door if it’s clearly not meant to be opened.

  • If the back door has the lime green strap across the door, it means the outdoor zone is closed. If you do open the door the alarm will sound and the monitoring centre will begin to make a series of phone calls to the team at XS. Please don’t open the door if it’s clearly not meant to be opened…UNLESS IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY.
  • Always swipe yourself in and out of XS. Please don’t share your access key with another member as we must track all people in order to comply with government COVID rules.
  • Do not open the door for others and only visitors to XS need to sign the COVID register.
  • Put your own weights away and back on the rack when finished.
  • Never leave a barbell fully loaded and just walk off. Consider the next member using it and how you’d feel having to unload someone else’s plates before you even commence.
  • Lost property-reminder to check the box near the toilets if you’ve lost something. We could open a drink bottle shop with the quantity we have to clean up from around the gym.

Member Feedback

We love to hear from all XS members with any idea to improve our Boutique gym. Email us on with your suggestions or feedback (good or bad) we strive to always be improving so we truly want this feedback.

Give us a 5 Star Review, please

We all know how powerful reviews are for every business, especially for gyms.

Can you spare 2 minutes to help us? We have QR codes around the gym to make this so easy for you. Simply scan, review us and we’ll be very grateful.

A big thank you to all XS members for being a part of our gym, and a big thank you to the XS team of Callum, Ada, Izzy and Ronny. A final goodbye and thank you to Lucy and Amber

The members and the staff are what define a good gym, and we’ve got a great gym.


Andy Ford (Owner)

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