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We’ve overcome the training limitations with COVID, but the winter flu season has come around for the year. There’s a very serious flu strain doing the rounds in Perth right now, and those who’ve had it reported severe symptoms.

To ensure everyone’s well-being, we urge you to stop training at XS if you feel unwell. Even that first sign of a sore throat or a sniffle can be more severe than you think. If you have any concerns, please speak to your doctor. Please do not risk your or other members’ health until you are 100% certain it isn’t the cold or flu.

Training while sick can make your symptoms worse and set you back, and we recommend taking at least the next two days off if you’re feeling under the weather. Even if it isn’t serious, you’ll have been considerate of the other members, for which we all thank you.


Weekday mornings will no longer have staffed hours. Very few new members join us in the mornings at XS, and this helps us keep our costs down and focus our staff’s attention where members need it most.

The new staffed hours will be 3.30PM to 6.30PM on weekdays, while Saturdays will remain staffed between 9.00AM and 12.00PM.

The gym will still be cleaned in the mornings, and a team member will still be opening the roller door for member use. The major cleaning will now take place between 2.30 PM and 3.30 PM on weekdays.

We apologise if this causes any inconvenience, and our staffed hours will be reviewed again at the end of spring.


We’ve loved having our dogs and meeting our members’ dogs here at XS, but they have caused challenges that we, unfortunately, can’t work around. It was a tough decision, but we are now advising all PTs, XS members, and staff that dogs are sadly no longer allowed into the XS gym, including the outdoor gym area.

This policy is effective immediately


We are in the process of replacing some of our out-of-service and run-down equipment.

This includes:

Thank you to all members for your patience, especially if you’ve had to use equipment that isn’t in top working order. We inspect all of our equipment every week to ensure nothing is unsafe or damaged while we do preventative maintenance for our members’ safety.

If any member feels like something isn’t right with a piece of gym equipment please advise our team right away so it can be checked for safe use ASAP and repaired if needed.

Is there a piece of equipment you think XS Fitness is missing? Let us know, and if enough members agree we’ll do our best to arrange it.


We love receiving referrals, and we’ll pay you to help us get them! Any current XS member who refers a new member that joins XS will receive 2 weeks of free gym membership with us.

As a member of XS Fitness you know exactly who gets the best use out of our gym. With COVID’S impact, our member numbers are off-balance, and we appreciate your referrals now more than ever. If you have any friends or family looking to join the friendliest and cleanest gym in South Perth or Victoria Park, send them our way so that we can look after them!


Soon enough the winter flu season will be over and we’ll be ready to get back to our active and outdoor lives. If you’re feeling unprepared to step up your game you might want to consider how your diet impacts your training.

Training gives the best results when it’s working together with your diet. Whether that’s forming a calorie deficit eating plan to use your stored energy fat or stacking on the protein, we want to strengthen those muscles and be ready for warmer days.

If you’d like more information on training-related diet plans and lifestyles, reach out and have a chat. Our XS team can offer advice and you can book one-on-one sessions with our personal trainers to push you a little harder and get a deeper understanding of our complex and brilliant bodies


If you go to a gym to lift weights, but never step foot in the functional or stretching spaces then you are cutting yourself short. One of the primary reasons we have these spaces is to allow members room to properly warm up their bodies and get them ready for serious exercise.

There are a few requirements and reasons for a basic warm-up:

When you nail your warm up the benefits can include:

A basic and easy-to-perform warm-up is better than none, though we always advise talking to a coach or PT to help you get the most out of your training and tailor a warm-up to meet your needs.

To get you started we have an easy format you can follow:

If you have injuries to manage or want to take a preventative approach and optimise your training we also advise including some control and activation drills. These will be specific to you and your training plans.



The XS Fitness team has completed our first aid courses and refreshers, so we’re ready to help out any member if you’re not feeling well or suffering an injury. Don’t hesitate to speak up with any concerns you have.

XS Fitness has its own defibrillator located near the front door. If you or another member is in emergency medical distress, act fast, call 000, and be aware.


We love to hear from all of the XS members who have ideas to improve our boutique gym. Email us with your suggestions or feedback (good or bad). We strive to always improve, so we are always looking for your feedback.


Reviews are powerful support for gyms. Can you spare 2 minutes to help us? Simply click on the link below and review XS Fitness to help out, and we’ll be very grateful.


A big thank you to all the XS members for being a part of our gym, and a big thank you to the XS Fitness team of Callum, Ada, Izzy, Lucy, Rhys and Ronny.

The members and the staff are what make a good gym, and we’ve got a great one!


XS Fitness Owner

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