Cycling is Beneficial

For someone who practically hadn’t touched a bike since my childhood, I never thought I’d be an advocate for riding a bike, anywhere really. A few months ago, my car became redundant and I became what I once feared- a cyclist. Riding to and from the gym has now become a beneficial and even enjoyable part of my training routine!

Riding a bike is a good form of exercise for your legs and core, but is still gentle on your back, hips, knees, and ankles. It gets your muscles and joints moving – you’re warming up before you’ve started your warm-up! Depending on the distance and how hard you pedal your daily bike ride can become a great source of cardio. For those who despise cardio like me, this is a good way to sneak it in! However, unlike running on the treadmill your cardio can also become your transport. Killing two birds with one stone.

Riding also serves as a mental warm-up preparing you for your workout. While driving many of us tend to go on autopilot, whereas on a bike you are more likely to stay alert and focused. This mindset will carry through into the gym and impact the way you train!

We all know that we don’t get enough vitamin D and fresh air, especially in winter! Ride a bike? Problem solved. Great for your physical as well as mental health. Wet weather? No worries! Slip on a raincoat and slap on some rain pants, some might even say it’s fun 😊 If you don’t ride frequently- think of it as sightseeing, a chance to see South Perth from another angle. Riding along the river is a must-try!

I live in the next suburb over from XS Fitness and I often find that riding my bike is quicker than driving. It’s also guaranteed to save you petrol and avoids being stuck in traffic. We know most of our members live locally so no excuses! Make the most of the stunning winter sun (while it lasts) and get pedaling!


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