WELCOME to 2024!

Happy New Year to every XS member and may 2024 deliver the fitness goals you desire.

Thank you for being a loyal member of XS Fitness. It is a new month of a new year so it is a great time to reset your fitness (and Life) goals for 2024. If your training feels like it has plateaued a little, you will not be alone. I think everyone goes through these stages as part of the overall journey. A goal reset often helps, as does a session or three with one of the personal trainers. They can take your training effort and routines to a new level just by doing it differently.

To arrange a session, or just want to discuss the option, contact the office or see any one of our three great PT’s we have at XS Fitness.

24 Hour access

We have decided to revert to full 24/7 access for all members. No longer will the gym close between 2.00am and 4.00am daily for UV sanitising. To all the shift working or night owl members, please enjoy your very early workouts once again.

Gym Management

Most members will already have met Gemma Trneny in the XS office. Gemma is the new co-gym manager and will be working most days of the week and some Saturday mornings. Joining her in the staff roster system is Millie who will be handling Gemma’s non-working days.

What about Callum? Callum has assumed a non-working gym management role meaning he handles certain management tasks for the gym and assists Gemma with her role. He remains very much part of the XS Fitness team.

Feel free to discuss any gym matter with any of the team as they are all very approachable and happy to assist members if they can.

New members

XS Fitness must always be signing new members to grow and remain viable.

With January typically being one of the busier months for new members joining, I ask all members if they can assist us with new members by referring family or friends at every opportunity, to join the XS Fitness family.

As we know, a referral or recommendation is so valuable to any business, so I sincerely ask if you can help by recommending XS Fitness, whenever a gym conversation comes up.

Don’t forget a referring member receives two (2) weeks free membership should they’re referral sign up with XS Fitness. Ensure your friend mentions your name when signing up so we can give you your two free weeks!

What’s new for 2024?

We are reviewing equipment options right now as we are planning to replace the three Elliptical Cardio pieces, plus replace the stair climber with a new and different model.

We recently added the Ski erg to add a different option for your cardio workouts.

Next, we will be reviewing the gym floor layout to rationalise what equipment we offer members. Some pieces get used very infrequently and take up valuable floor space that could be used for other more popular equipment we presently do not offer.

Member feed back on what equipment pieces could be moved on, and any equipment you’d especially like to see added to the XS gym floor. Just drop us an email with your thoughts to . We’d really like to hear as many members thoughts as possible, but remember we may not be able to satisfy everyone!

House Keeping

I am always impressed with the way our members treat the gym. You keep it safe and clean and most of all friendly. I ask that we always remember to return plates and cable accessories to the correct storage position, and never leave barbells or equipment loaded with plates. The next person to use it will be cursing you if you do not.

Promotional Car

I assume most members will have seen the new (old) Smart Car in the outdoor zone. Recently wrapped in XS Fitness colours this cute little car will be used to promote the gym in the area.

Thank you once again for your loyalty as a XS Fitness member, and if you would like to contact myself at any time, is the easiest way.

Kind Regards,


XS Fitness Owner

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