Welcome to XS Fitness!

Thank you recently joining XS Fitness. The XS Team hopes you have been enjoying your fitness journey so far. We are passionate about ensuring XS Fitness Member gets the best result they can from their training.

You are invited to XS Fitness. New Member Gym Orientation and Training Advice Session.

A personal Trainer will assist new members to understand what the key pieces of gym equipment are and how to correctly and safely use the equipment. The Personal Trainer can even assist with selecting workout types to suit your body type and fitness goals.

Come down to XS Fitness for this no-cost, no-obligation, new member service, here are the details


Saturday 2nd of April 2022, 9:30am – 10:15am


XS Fitness, meet in the locker area


All new and current XS Fitness Members

Whether your goal is to increase your strength and muscle size, tone up, improve mobility, or increase your overall level, one thing we’re certain about is that to get results you must train the correct way.

If you’re new to a gym or coming back to the gym after an extended break, your exercise technique, intensity level, and exercise type selected all play a significant part in the success (or failure) of achieving your fitness goals.

If you’re devoting your time and investing in a membership at XS you want to see and feel results. You must learn and understand the best types of training to suit your goal.

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