Hello XS Members and thank you for taking the time to read through another notice from us.

COVID-19 Omicron variant is a very real situation in Perth, I’m sure you are all aware already. XS Fitness just as any other business, has the risk to become an exposure site through any members movements, if they are unaware, they are carrying the virus.

We are undertaking additional sanitising cleans daily and are grateful for our installed UVC germicidal Lamps that radiate the entire gym every morning at 2am for two hours. The XS office has also been fitted with a Panasonic Nano-X Air Purifier that kills viruses.

We are asking you do your best to help us not only minimise the risk of transmission through mask wearing and sanitation, but also minimise the risk of the gym becoming an exposure site.

For the sake of yourselves, other members and their families and XS fitness, we ask you do the following before coming to the facility.

  1. Check exposure sites before coming to the gym, don’t make it one.
  2. If you have any signs or symptoms similar to a cold (sore throat, sniffly, sneezing, lethargy) stay home don’t risk it, please, for the sake of our business and all members.
  3. Keep yourself healthy, get plenty of sun, water (2-4L), sleep (7-9hrs) and eat 2 fruit and 5 veg a day.
  4. Check in when visiting the facility.
  5. Wipe down all touch points on the bars, dumbbells, benches, seats, accessories and equipment after you have finished your final set.
  6. Social distance where possible in the gym, make the most of the outside area for increased safety.
  7. Appreciate it will be warmer than usual inside the gym as we’ll be electing to leave the door up more to increase natural ventilation and therefore increase safety, the back roller door will be closed when the temperature reaches 26 degrees instead of 23.

In the event of a COVID exposure at the facility, XS will follow the health department guidelines and assist in contact tracing. The facility will close for the shortest period to allow for the appropriate cleaning & disinfecting of the facility to eradicate any SARS-CoV-2 virus molecules.

All members will be notified via text upon closing and opening of the facility.

Thank you for your continued support and on-going adherence to restrictions.

Kind regards,

Callum Tuffield
Gym Manager

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