What is the difference between Compound Exercises and Isolation Exercises?

Compound Exercises vs Isolation Exercises

Compound Exercises

A compound exercise is a multi-joint movement that works several muscles at one time – like a squat, which moves both your hip and knee joints and engages your core, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calf muscles. Isolation exercises target one specific muscle group – like a barbell curl working your biceps.

If you’re a beginner, compound exercises help you build your foundation quicker by giving you more for the time and effort you put in. They help you lift heavier loads and build more strength overall.


1. They will save you time

2. They will increase your functional fitness

3. Compound exercises improve intermuscular coordination

Isolation Exercises

Isolation exercises still have an important part to play in a well-balanced muscle-building regimen.


1. They help target spots you might have missed.

2. They will keep you active all over

3. They are perfect for fixing imbalances

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