Muscle strength is crucial for improving fitness and regular training will protect muscle mass, which depletes naturally over time. We can help prevent this happening by lifting weights and completing other resistance exercises to increase muscle mass,*our South Perth gym has the perfect equipment available to assist your strength journey no matter how new or experienced you are. Strength based training is essential for supporting bone health, which is especially important as we age, and by protecting bone density it can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. At XS Fitness we can help you devise strength training programs that generate the results you’re looking for.

We can offer strength-focused personal training through our regular PTs or one of our World Class Body Builder Trainers based at the gym. If you are striving towards a major competition or simply seeking some subtle definition, our staff and high quality equipment are here for you.

Strength training improves your resting metabolism and so is an effective weight control tool. XS Fitness’s expert staff will help devise the perfect strength training program for you for fast and effective results.

Our South Perth (Victoria Park) gym welcomes people of all shapes and sizes and we’re not simply looking to attract serious body builders, even though that’s an area we strongly cater for.

We love seeing beginners down at XS. Whether you are beginning a fitness journey or returning after some time off, our warm, welcoming staff can happily talk you through the basics of strength training for beginners.

Rest, Recovery and Weight Loss

The benefits of a muscle focused workout are often enhanced with recovery days in between. It is good to alternate your days using our strength building equipment with a cardio based workout, such as the treadmill. This is because resistance training breaks down muscles, causing minute tears. The rest period allows essential repairs to take place and for muscles to rebuild themselves. Therefore, we advise our members not to underestimate the importance of rest days as these are vital in the process of building strength, endurance and muscle.

Likewise if you’re seeking to drop weight, rest and sleep are as important as your workouts themselves, as a lack of sleep can significantly increase your appetite.

XS Fitness helps you find your inner strength

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