Here at XS Fitness, your safety is our priority. That’s why our Trainers are fully qualified and skilled Fitness Professionals who can help find an exercise routine that suits you.

If you already have a rehab plan in place, the Trainer will work with you and your Allied Health Professional to maintain your existing program. Our Trainers perform fitness consults to get to know your individual needs and will communicate with your specialist to ensure that your training program at the gym compliments, and not conflicts with your rehab process.

Talk to us about our options to bring your Physio (etc.) to us, we are more than happy to work in with your needs and if you don’t have a specialist yet – we might be able to point you in the right direction by recommending the specialists we’ve worked with in the past.

No matter your story or injury, at XS Fitness we want to help by our commitment to offering the best help that we can in a safe gym environment. Talk to our friendly staff about options that would work for you.

** Note; Our Trainers are professionals in their field that respect the boundaries of their scope of practice. They do not or should not claim to “fix” you but we can help safely assist you to the best of their abilities.

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