We’re all aware and concerned regarding Coronavirus. To ensure XS Fitness remains a virus free facility for all members, management has implemented and increased sanitising regime of equipment and benches. However the best precaution relies on you, the members. If you are not feeling well, DO NOT ATTEND XS Fitness at all. Even if you suspect it’s just a standard cold, please do not train.

New equipment sanitising stations will be soon at XS. Throughout the gym you’ll be noticing spray pump type bottles containing a human safe sanitising solution. Members are encouraged to spray the equipment they are about to use, so to be sure that the equipment is as clean as practically possible.

Management will be proactive in assessing unwell members and asking them to leave XS Fitness for a week. In addition, any member that is diagnosed with Corona Virus, please contact XS Fitness office to advise this.

Any member asked to leave their workplace due to a cold, flu or any other Coronavirus like symptoms CAN NOT ENTER XS FITNESS.

We’ll be keeping all members as informed as possible regarding XS and the virus. Please wash your hands before, during and after each workout at XS.

UV air sanitisation lamps are being fitted to some of the air conditioners. If successful, this will extend to all air conditioners.


With regret we decided to cease all classes we’d be trialing since February. It appears XS is just not a “classes type” gym. Apologies to members who did attend or register for classes.


The unusually hot summer has meant the outside training zone has been too warm to utilise much. Autumn is here and the colder early morning and late afternoons will make outside training attractive again. We’ll open the roller door when the weather is conducive and we urge members to try training in the outside zone, you’ll love it.


Equipment loaded up and left out on the floor by selfish members’ amazes many of us. Who would leave a deadlift bar with 6 plates loaded on and just walk away? Please always unload bars and return plates, dumbbells and other items to the correct storage position. Your weekly membership fee doesn’t include a paid staff member to follow you around returning your equipment.

Mobile phone being used by members sitting on equipment at the exclusion of others has been reported. Please be conscious of other members, share the equipment and don’t rest between sets for 5 minutes. It’s selfish and inefficient as far as training goes. Feels like 30 seconds checking Facebook? Well, it’s more like 3-4 minutes. Time flies when distracted.


Vending machines to offer members a selection of healthy snacks and drinks, plus accessories like towels, pre-workout powders, gloves and the like.

Mobile phone charging station offering A-6 phone charging leads, suitable for Android and iPhones.

Complimentary tasting sessions allowing members to sample various pre-work out powders and protein powders. All will be available to purchase from XS Fitness.


Reminder the Crowd DJ music system allows all members to select the songs you like. Access the system to select songs from either the tablet on the wall, or download the app from iTunes or GooglePlay. The app is much easier and faster to use and can link your Spotify playlists to CrowdDJ for even easier queuing of your favourite workout music.


XS Fitness welcomes two new juniors to their team. Lucy Ford and Raven Guthrie will be working more often at XS, so if you see either, say hello.


Please be aware this is a no parking zone according to Vic Park Council.
Members have, on occasions over the years, received a fine for parking on verge or the grass area adjacent.
Although nothing of late has been reported, any parking infringements are the drivers responsibility Not XS Fitness. Alternatively, a 300 bay carpark is just 50 meters from XS toward river