The decision to lead a healthy and active lifestyle is something that will help add years to your life and we believe being a member of a gym you love can support that goal. Our South Perth / Victoria Park gym, XS Fitness, allows you to have a flexible workout schedule that perfectly complements your lifestyle.
We’re an affordable fitness club that caters to a wide range of budgets and for those just wanting to try us out, the casual single and multi-day passes are the ideal option to begin with. We allow potential new members to “try before they buy” as a gym membership is a higher level of commitment to a healthier lifestyle and we want you to be sure before you make the jump. You may be concerned you’ll run out of time to work out as much as you’d like, or become daunted by a sense of pressure to work out. This is where XS Fitness comes to the rescue as our highly flexible membership options and freedom to cancel a full membership with just 30 days’ notice, means you’ve never got that sense of being locked in. You value your freedom and so do we!

Our gym offers a fantastic range of fitness workouts and whether you choose to lift weights, run on the treadmill or opt for resistance training, we have the right equipment for you. A good workout and fitness training regime enhances your lifestyle, as not only will you have better energy levels and concentration, your body will be more toned with greater definition.
Cardiovascular fitness training is great for giving you an instant energy boost, especially if you’re feeling sluggish after a day in the office. You may opt for a gym visit before work begins, as the prospect of eight hours sat at the desk can be very unappealing and a session of strength and fitness training can give you that all important zing your body needs. Alternatively you might be a parent or student seeking some instant stress relief and rejuvenation. Whatever your fitness requirements, XS Fitness is here for you any time of the day or night.

XS Fitness – a Healthier Lifestyle on tap 22/7

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