FIFO Update

Date 09.07.2020

Hello FIFO members

We have undertaken a review of the membership fees at XS Fitness for alignment to other gym’s in Perth. The special FIFO membership category we found XS Fitness well below the industry ‘s norm.
We remain one of the few gyms that offer a FIFO membership and have decided to continue this category.

The FIFO, Off Peak and Student categories will all now be known as a Concession Membership going forward. We do however, have to increase the weekly cost of your membership. It will increase from $7.50 to $12.50 per week.

I think you’ll agree $7.50 was an unsustainable fee. The rate will be effective in 14 days’ time (14 day notice period as per T&C”s)

You need not do anything in regards to this membership change, unless you wish to not accept the change and cancel your membership.
You can do this on the membership page of the website or by clicking here

Thank you for being a member of XS Fitness. A “boutique gym”, we like to call it.

We hope you like all we’ve done at XS lately and as a small local business, we appreciate your support, especially with the COVID shut down.

I hope to see you at XS (say Hi!)


Andy Ford and the XS Team