As a member of XS Fitness, South Perth’s (Victoria Park) leading 22 hour gym, you will have access to one of the best ranges of equipment available in WA. It’s important to us we give you the opportunity to maximise your workout. This means plenty of choice so you can continually vary your routine, while simultaneously having the chance to push yourself to the limit.

We’ve chosen to stock XS Fitness with equipment from industry leading brands and all our treadmills, weight lifting and power lifting equipment are maintained as new. As a result we’re proud of our high tech equipment, which is among the best available in Perth gyms, and it includes four squat racks, two smith machines, multiple treadmills, spin bikes and much more.

All our equipment is well maintained as we understand the frustration members face when something fails. Should a malfunction occur you can be rest assured it will be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

We don’t believe our customers should have to queue to wait to use a piece of equipment. This is why we have multiple versions of our most popular machines and thanks to our peak times membership monitoring policy, the gym floor is never too crowded.

Utilising Life Fitness bio-mechanic designs, you’re guaranteed the best quality equipment in WA. At XS Fitness we appreciate that for beginners, gym equipment can appear intimidating if you’re not sure how to use it. The correct use is important both for your safety and to maximise your workout’s results. If you are unsure how to use a particular machine, just speak to one of our friendly staff and they’ll take you through the steps to make sure you reach your fitness goals in the fastest possible time.

Showers and Rest Rooms
Our showers are available 22/7 so you can refresh yourself after your work out. Our private rest rooms are cleaned regularly, as is all of our equipment.

XS Fitness sources its equipment from Life Fitness, which provide some of the world’s best strengthening, cardio and group training equipment in the field. Life Fitness continues to keep innovation at the front of its research by continually designing new fitness equipment.

For the best weights and strengthening equipment, XS Fitness uses Hammer Strength. For more than a quarter of a century, Hammer Strength has been the go-to equipment of elite athletes and those committed to maintaining peak fitness and strength. By moving in ways intuitive to the body, Hammer Strength equipment helps you to achieve to maximum results safely and effectively.

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