• XS Standard Membership
    $15/ week
    This gives you 24/7 access with remotely monitored security, brand new equipment, private restrooms and showers, 365 days a year.

To join our other member options, please contact XS Fitness

TiersPrice PA(pre-paid)Per Week (Debited Fortnightly)
Off Peak$400.00$9.25
AFamily Membership
2x Adults (-5%) plus $9.95 per junior/week**

Casual Day Pass: $15 per visit***

Other Information

*Annual Cost – Paid fully in advance
**FIFO – Maximum access is two weeks (or equivalent) per month.
*** Day Pass– plus $25.00 for an access Key card if required.
#-Junior-age 17 years or less. Must be accompanied by an adult at all time if 15 years or less

Debit Provider$2.00 per fortnight debit fee (fee from Paysmart)

If paying by credit card (not Debit account) add:
1.7% Visa / M Card
3.50% Amex

New Member Fees$35.00 Scheduled payment type membership
Covers Key Fob, Paysmart Account set up fee
$25.00 – Prepaid type memberships
Covers Key Fob
Dishonour Fee$15.00 (if a scheduled payment is unsuccessful)
Junior Member Policy16-17 years full access
15 years and below must be accompanied by an adult at all times