XS Fitness Newsletter #8 - June 2021

Winter is the Best Time to Ramp up your Training

Why is winter the best time to train even harder? Unfortunately our bodies, incredible as they are, don’t change quickly. Whether it’s weight loss, bulking up, or general fitness that you are seeking, by increasing your training intensity and frequency now, will allow the time your body needs to adapt. If you want to look even better this summer, you should start now.

Personally, the wet and cooler weather makes it easier to get to the gym than summer time. There is less to do outdoors and it’s dark so early.

Motivation vs Routine

It is said "motivation gets you started, but routine and habits keep you going".

Treat your fitness like any other appointment. Try adding every workout for the week to your calendar so that it is treated more seriously, and never missed (unless for a very good reason). This forces the habit and routine, and then motivation plays a smaller part in getting you to XS Fitness.

We all have said it, “I won't worry about training today, I'll make it up" Yeah right!

Swiping in at the Entry Door

Members you DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN the COVID register if you have swiped in and out of XS. The access control system tracks this for us. Only visitors and non-members need to sign the register. For this reason, please do not open the door for others, and if arriving with another member you both must swipe in even if the door is held open for you.

What’s New at XS?    ….. Equipment!!

We hope you have noticed the new bicep curl machine located near the front door. It’s a very effective machine as it isolates the elbows to stop the temptation to swing your whole arm as you tire on the last few reps. Try hammer curls with this machine also, simply rotate your wrists 90 degrees.

Next buy is a new seated leg curl machine to replace the existing lying curl machine.

Really want a certain piece of equipment at XS Fitness? Please lets us know and if enough members agree, we’ll do our best to arrange it.

Protein Available for Purchase - $69.90 inc. GST

Muscle Nation Casein Protein Custard is the perfect alternative to the generic protein powders we all take. Packing a whopping 27g of Casein Protein, this is the perfect protein packed snack for when you’re looking to cut the cravings without the calories.

The benefit of having Casein Protein compared to Whey Protein is the slow sustained digesting affect. This can provide you the adequate amount and sustained release of protein through a long period of time to make you feel fuller for longer.

Mix two scoops of Muscle Nation Protein Custard in a bowl with just over 100ml of milk or water to create a delicious and lean, high protein custard. Can be used in a wide variety of recipes for a macro and calorie friendly option.

Available for purchase during staffed hours, for only $69.90 inc. GST

XS Fitness Merchandise!!

You asked, we listened! XS Fitness Merchandise is now back in stock and available for purchasing during staffed hours.

✔️ Protein Shakers - $9.95 inc. GST
✔️ Gym Towels - $14.95 inc. GST
✔️ Water Bottles
✔️ Supplements - see in store for pricing 

First Aid- Reminder

We recently purchased a Defibrillator and it's located on the wall near the front door. Anyone can operate it in case of a heart attack of a fellow member. It talks you through the whole process. Remember to also call '000'

Our First Aid box is located on top of the lockers for any general first aid requirements. If you use the last of anything, please write us note so we can restock the box.

Outdoor Training Area Expansion

This has now been completed and we hope you have been enjoying training outside on the balmy nights - a month or two ago! The extra sail shade has made it cooler and the larger turf area allows space to spread out.

Membership Offers and Promotions

The 7 DAY FREE TRIALS have proved successful since introducing. Any friends, family or your 'other half" who are considering a gym membership, be sure to tell them about XS 7 Day Free Trials. The trial memberships have to be arranged via the office and new members MUST provide their details and sign the necessary paperwork before they start. There are no fees at all for the 7 day trial.

Our Winter 2021 promotion is “Commitment”.

New members commit to a 3, 6, or 12 month period via a prepaid or contract period fortnightly direct debit membership and XS Fitness will commit to training them with free PT sessions.

See our website for all the details

Member Referrals - We love referrals and we'll pay you to help us get them.

Any current XS member who refers someone who joins XS will receive 2 weeks free membership.

Your friend needs to bring the card into XS when they join up and this will ensure you receive your 2 weeks free membership as a thank you.

House Keeping

Some reminders for all members.

  • If the back door has the lime green strap across the door, it means the outdoor zone is closed. If you do open the door the alarm will sound and the monitoring centre will begin to make a series of phone calls to the team at XS. Please don’t open the door if it’s clearly not meant to be opened.
  • Always swipe yourself in and out of XS. Please don't share your access key with another member as we must track all people in order to comply with government COVID rules.
  • Do not open the door for others and only visitors to XS need to sign the COVID register.
  • Put your own weights away and back on the rack when finished.
  • Never leave a barbell fully loaded and just walk off. Consider the next member using it and how you’d feel having to unload someone else’s plates before you commence.
  • Lost property, reminder to check the box near the toilets if you've lost something. 

Membership Rule Reminder

The management have been enforcing the rule “do not share your swipe key with a friend or family member”. Sharing one XS Fitness membership amongst others is the same as stealing a membership from us. We take this seriously and members caught will be charged the $15 casual visit fee each and every time. If you don’t want to pay for your friend personally, please don’t sneak them into the gym. 

Member Feedback

We love to hear from all XS members with any ideas to improve our Boutique gym. Email us on info@xsfitness.com.au with your suggestions or feedback (good or bad) we strive to always be improving so we truly want this feedback.

Give us a 5 Star Review, please

We all know how powerful reviews are for every business, especially for gyms.

Can you spare 2 minutes to help us? We have QR codes around the gym to make this so easy for you. Simply scan, review us and we'll be very grateful.

A big thank you to all XS members for being a part of our gym, and a big thank you to the XS Team, Callum, Lucy, Amber and Ronny. The members and the staff are what define a good gym, and we've got a great gym.


Andy Ford (Owner)