XS Fitness Newsletter #5

XS Fitness New Hours - 22 Hours 7 Days a Week

As the UV sanitising lamps have been installed at XS Fitness, we must close the gym in order to utilise the lamps. From 2:00am every night, XS Fitness will be closed for two (2) hours. This period allows the UV lamps to "do their work" and bath the equipment below in clean sanitising UV light.

At 4:00am the gym re-opens to members. An automated system will manage the process. This includes two pre-recording audio warnings at 5 minute increments before the regular lights turn off and the UV lamps power on.

The front door will open from the inside as usual, with your key, so members can vacate easily. The UV light is not damaging to humans in small doses, however eye damage can occur if staring at the lamps.

Any "night owl" members who train at 2:00am, please leave the gym completely once advised to.

The UV lamps sanitise the equipment very effectively and contribute to XS Fitness being "the cleanest gym".

Any questions in regards to the new 22 hour format or the UV lamps, please ask a team member.

Security and Housekeeping at XS Fitness

The sharing of members keys with family or friends so they can use XS Fitness for no cost is obviously unacceptable. One membership is one membership. Aside from the breach of trust when this occurs, it is actually stealing. 

Being forced to close for COVID-19 has cost XS Fitness a lot of money and the last thing we need is to be giving away free memberships. Furthermore the members key that was used to access the gym unlawfully will be charged $15 casual access fee for each person and each offence.

The new CCTV HD camera allows us to review all out of staffed hours door entries, against the real members photo. Please do the right thing by XS Fitness and the members.

We will be enforcing "swipe to access or exit". Even if you're entering/leaving at the same time as another member always swipe your own key. This is necessary for our COVID-19 compliance and our general OH&S requirements. Please ensure every entry and exit, you swipe your key.

New Equipment Piece

The new hip thruster piece has arrived and is being well used. A fantastic glute toner and core strength builder. The purpose built equipment is easier to use and safer than the previous box and barbell set up.

Goodbye Jess

A big thank you to Jess McDonnell who finished up last week. Jess assisted when we re-opened with the necessary staffed hours. We wish Jess all the best and thank her for her 14 months of service to XS Fitness and its members.