XS Fitness Newsletter #4 - Back in the Gym!


It was exciting to re-open on Saturday and see so many familiar faces back at XS!
As often the case, we don’t realise what we have until it’s taken from us. The gym is an important part of many members lives, for both fitness and socialising.
I would personally like to thank every single member who has committed to staying at XS Fitness, your support is very appreciated. The whole COVID-19 closure has left XS with around 20% less members. We will steadily build this back up, but your referrals/recommendations to friends, family and associated to join XS would really help us.
Please can you recommend XS, share and like any social media posts from XS to get the message to as many people as possible.


Restricted Hours

With the requirement of having to be staffed at all open hours, we of course had no choice but to temporarily cease being a 24 hour gym. We are listening to member’s feedback on the best opening hours and we’ll modify these over coming weeks. Thanks for working with us in this regard! 

XS Team

Callum Tuffield is the XS manager. New to the team is Lucy Ford. Between the 2 XS staff they have rosters to cover all our opening hours. Ronny Ray remains as membership manager working outside of the XS office.
Lucy is a junior who is quickly learning the ropes, but patience please if she needs to get back to you or takes a little longer on a request.

XS Trainers

A reminder we have the three personal trainers available for new members, or for the experienced member who wants to make up for COVID induced muscle or fitness decline. Each trainer offers various styles so one will suit you.

This issue of XS News features XS PT Greig Sullivan and a special offer he has for members…see below
Greig’s contact information to take advantage of this 2 for 1 offer.

Mobile 0416 701 071 email greig@aradise.com.au


If you’re looking to shake up your workout routine, build lean muscle, and enhance fat loss here are a few techniques you should consider adding to your repertoire: drop sets, super-sets and giant sets. Time under tension and the list goes on…

These advanced techniques are used to boost the intensity of a workout, improve muscular endurance and shock your body to prevent a plateau. This kind of training also can enhance fat loss and because they incorporate very little rest, you also get some cardiovascular benefits. In addition, these techniques all force more blood into your muscles, which helps deliver nutrients and amino acids to the tissues and accelerates the repair processes.

As a personal trainer or even passionate enthusiast of health and fitness, over the years I have fine tuned my craft for my own benefit and now others

Special offer to current members – Buy one get one free

30 min $40
45 min $60
60 min $80

    Offer expires 30th of June


    The Cleanest Gym

    One of our three core values, and I hope you’d agree – XS is a very clean and tidy gym compared to most!
    Our equipment sanitisation regime has been intensified to ensure we provide members with the safest gym we can.
    UV Lamps – a first for any WA gym.
    XS installed UV sanitising lamps during the Covid shut down to provide members with the best possible protection. These ten UV lamps work hard all night when the gym is closed, to kill viruses, bacteria and every other living organism that the UV light irradiates over.
    All members can rest assured you are training at the safest gym possible.

    Gym Floor Changes

    We took advantage of having our 24 hour gym closed for 11 weeks by undertaking many changes, we hope all members like these changes, many you’ll never notice. We completed equipment maintenance, major office refurbishment, new flooring, carpets cleaned, accessories replaced, and the leg area re-arranged to be safer.
    We invested over $20,000 to ensure XS remains the best gym choice in the area.


    A Special note from your Gym Manager – Callum

    To All XS Fitness Members…

    Welcome back to the gym, I’m sure it has been a trying time for all without the gym. We are ecstatic to be able to open our doors again, the gym feels like I has its heart and soul returned.
    Management would like to remind all members of a few important things:

    1. As much as we would like to open our doors 24/hr , we are restricted to staffed hours for the time being until restrictions ease once again. Our current staffed hours are:

    Weekdays 5:30am – 7pm , Saturday 9am – 3 noon & Sunday 12-4

    2. Remember to tag in and out so XS has an attendance record for any potential exposure tracking.

    3. Please bring a towel with you and USE IT, we are encouraging all members to use the provided sterilising wipes to wipe equipment before and after use in conjunction with towel use.

    4. To maintain social distancing , please avoid queuing for; lockers ,toilets or drink fountains.