XS Fitness Newsletter #3

Outdoor Training Now Open

Perth’s first! The XS outdoor training zone is now open. Try training outside at dusk or early morning in the cool fresh air. Open staffed hours 2:00-7:00pm weekdays, 9:00-12:00 Saturdays and many mornings when one of XS PT’s are working. Outside is a new multifunctional rig including smith machine and squat rack. Stored in the XS sea container are many other training items for your use.

Outside Training Zone Rules

  • Return all equipment you take outside, back to either the inside gym or the sea container store (where you found it).
  • Respect our neighbours (or the council may close us)
    • Strictly 7:30pm close time (usually 7:00pm) and 7:00am open time
    • No loud music outside
    • No swearing or antisocial behaviour
  • No entry or exiting the XS Fitness facility from the outside zone
  • Open only when weather permitting
  • If roller door closed but outdoor zone ‘open’ use the rear exit door (NOTE this door is alarmed if outdoor zone not open
  • Signage will advise the open or closed status of the outdoor zone

The Music at XS Not Good!
Not Anymore – New Audio Visual System for XS—– You Choose the Music!

The new Crowd DJ by nightlife has been commissioned at XS. This system empowers you the member to select what is played at XS. Make your selections from the touch screen ‘kiosk’ located centrally inside or download the Cloud DJ app and choose the music before you even arrive at XS Fitness. Kiosk code is FJDJ

The TV screen content is all new, no more Foxtel but better. Nightlife’s music video, sports or action sports channels, are steamed to the six screens plus one screen reserved for free to air TV for AFL, News or the cricket.

XS Fitness Classes

We’ve been learning what classes our members want and don’t want, so were ready to now run regular classes. Members, we need a critical base of class attendees to make this viable. Get behind the classes now, so we can run them regularly and efficiently. See the XS Notice Board, our website, or Jess our manager for what’s available and place your name on the list. Feel free to call Jess on 6498 6001 staffed hours, to discuss further.

Security and Housekeeping at XS

Bike Thefts

Amazingly too many members have had locked bikes stolen. We have relocated part of the bike rack outside, to nearer the front door and added a ‘dummy’ video camera directly in front of the rack to make bike storage safer.

Opening the door for others

If someone cannot access XS Fitness with their key, there is a very good reason. They are not financial members. Do not open the door with your key to let them in. Unfinancial members are using the gym for free, in other words stealing a membership from us. Via the 24/7 cameras we see all, and if members open the door for a non-member, then we’ll assume you are paying their $15 casual access fee.

Non-members Accessing XS During Staffed Hours (DOOR UNLOCKED)

As the door is open staffed hours we know some ex members take advantage of this and steal a free membership. Warning – we will be enforcing “swipe to access or exit”. Even if door is open, or if you’re entering at the same time as another member always swipe your key. Any non-financial member or person caught inside XS will be permanently banned.

Food for thought

Are you a fussy eater? A stickler for routine? Do you like to eat the same foods day in and day out?

Turns out that this may not be the best option if you are wishing to get the most nutrients from your diet.

Did you know that a vast variety of food, like fruits, vegetables, nuts and wholegrains are the best thing for a healthy gut?

Studies now suggest that increasing the variety in your diet can be more beneficial for gut health than our trusted probiotics. Don’t get me wrong, Probiotics aren’t bad but you might want to consider reaching for something other than your regular staples. Try incorporating something new each week, it can be as simple as adding herbs to your salad, choosing a different green leafy/fruit for your smoothies or adding in some extra veggies each dinner time.

When selecting your groceries – think “eat the rainbow” each of the different coloured fruits and veggies offers a new host of healthy micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

So choose wisely and think outside of your comfort zone next time you head to the grocers.


Trainers Top Tips

Following on from our variety talk in our ‘Food for thought’ section – have you given your exercise routine much variety lately? Changing up your routine is a great way to avoid the dreaded exercise plateau. If you’ve been training for a while chances are you may have experienced these 2 things. 1 being noticing a reduction in your results and 2 being boredom! Keep things fresh by choosing your exercise selection wisely. Sure it feels good doing the same exercises you know you’re good at but if you want changes like getting stronger or loosing size you may need to add some new things into your routine.

Start simple, choose a new piece of equipment to do your warm up on and experiment with intervals. Try super setting your exercises to fit more into your workout or join in on one of the Body Rock Boot Camps. Talk to a trainer or Jess in the office for more info as to how you can revamp your routine and stop yourself from boredom.

Challenge of the Month

Due to the popular involvement of our Leg press challenge we have decided to keep it rolling into October to give all contenders another chance at improving their last score. So to all those who participated in September, now is your chance to see if you’ve improved in the last month!

See the poster in the gym near the leg press for details and good luck!