Transition out of Lockdown Announcement

Hello Loyal XS Fitness Members,

Great News, We can open again and you can train again.

The West Australian Government has announced that from 6:00pm tonight Perth, Peel and the South-West Regions will transition out of lockdown as long as there are no further COVID-19 cases.

So from 6.00pm today XS Fitness will be open again!

Is it training at XS as per usual?... well, not quite

Here is what’s different

Entering XS Fitness

The access key and scan as you arrive is no longer the only record we need to keep as a business in WA.

All members must scan to open the door, PLUS either

  • Scan the Safe WA QR code just inside the XS entry door
- OR - 
  • Fill out the paper register with date, time, name and mobile number

Wear a Mask

Masks must be worn when outside the home unless a lawful exemption applies. All members must wear their masks whenever inside XS Fitness. 

We ask all members to please follow these two simple rules, whether XS Fitness is staffed or unstaffed.

We don’t want to hassle members about this when we are staffed so please, do the right thing.

Other items relevant to members

  • We ask if you have any questions, please visit the link below for more information

  • As per usual, all members are required to bring a towel to XS and use it when training. In conjunction with using the disinfectant and alcohol wipes, to sanitise equipment after use.
  • XS Fitness reserves the right to terminate your gym membership and remove access to the facility if no mask is worn.

The formal directive and rules from the WA government, from 6pm, Friday 5 February the following will come into effect.

Perth and Peel will enter into a post-lockdown transition period until 12.01am, Sunday 14 February. This allows the full 14-day incubation period to run its course.

The post-lockdown transition period for Perth and Peel includes:

  • Wearing a mask when in public and while at work, unless exempt or for vigorous outdoor exercise
  • All businesses can reopen, except for the casino and nightclubs
  • 4 square metre capacity rule in place for businesses and venues, up to a maximum of 150
  • 50-person capacity at all events including weddings, funerals and community sport
  • Seated service only at hospitality venues
  • Dancing only permitted at weddings and dance studios
  • 20-person limit for private indoor and outdoor gatherings
  • Visits to aged care and disability care facilities restricted to compassionate grounds
  • Residential school and boarding facilities can resume with a COVID Safety Plan
  • Only essential travel permitted in and out of the Perth and Peel regions to other parts of WA.
  • Contact registers and SafeWA will continue as part of post-lockdown life. Currently, it is mandatory for most businesses to ensure a contact register is available for patrons.

From 6pm, Friday 5 February, it will also be mandatory for individuals to check-in at businesses required to keep a contact register. Individuals could face penalties if they fail to check in. As always, a common-sense approach will apply.

Thank you for your cooperation through this lockdown period and we look forward to seeing you back in the gym.


Kind regards,

Callum Tuffield

XS Fitness Gym Manager