Training at home with XS Fitness

Sadly, the gyms still remain closed across Australia due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that you’ve spent a long time working and perfecting that body of yours and improving your fitness and strength. Don’t let this get in the way!

Let XS Fitness show you how you can keep up a regular workout regime all without leaving the comfort and safety of your home. Don’t have weights? Don’t worry! All these exercises will utilise body weight or regular household items to replace dumbbells and gym equipment.

So, let’s jump right in!

Exercise 1: Spider Crawl
This one loosely resembles a push up, but with a few small changes. This one will target your core, as well as your arms and legs. In addition, it’ll also give your flexibility a boost!

(1) Start in a push up-like position.
(2) Bring one knee up towards your elbow, almost touching it, then back down.
(3) Then repeat with the other leg.
(4) Repeat this exercise 5-10 times.

BONUS: Looking for a challenge? Hold your knee up for 3 seconds, tensing your core!

Exercise 2: Side-to-side push ups
Another one for your upper body! This will be a progressive push up and you move from left the right. The goal here is to focus on the movement, rather than speed. Aim for a full range of motion, from bottom to top, and across, then back down and up. If you’re doing this on your knees, we recommend doing so on carpet to protect your knees.

(1) Start in a normal push up position, hands just wider than shoulder width apart.
(2) Lower yourself down and back up to complete a push up
(3) Then move sideways along your mat or floor two steps.
(4) Repeat, down and then back up to complete another push up. That’s two down!
(5) Repeat another 10-12 times

BONUS: Looking for a challenge? Do it on your toes and hold in the down position for 2 seconds, this will really get your arms shaking!

Exercise 3: Lateral Raises
A common one for the gym! This time, we’ll be replacing the dumbbells with milk bottles! For this exercise, you’ll need two even weights milk bottles or juice bottles filled with water (or milk!)

(1) Start with both by your side, and slowly raise up to about shoulder height
(2) Hold for 1-2 seconds, then back down
(3) Repeat 7-10 times (depending on the weight)

BONUS: Looking for a challenge? Add MORE liquid to your bottles! And increase the repetitions.

Exercise 4: Seated Dips
Straight out of the text book! This one will work your triceps and shoulders. Please note, if you have underlying shoulder pain or injuries, we recommend you do not try this.

(1) Find a chair, ottoman or strong low table. Be sure to test it can hold your weight, we don’t want any accidents.
(2) Place your hands on your equipment, close to your bum. Bend your knees out forward 90 degrees in front of you
(3) Edge yourself down, and then back up. Be sure to be looking forward or slightly up as to not strain your neck. Squeeze your triceps at the top
(4) Repeat around 7-10 times.

BONUS: Looking for a challenge? Put your legs straight out in front, no bent knees! And even hold it for longer at both the top and bottom!

Exercise 5: Squats
Another one that’s common in the gym, adapted for home! This will get your legs working hard. You can either do this weighted like we’ll show you today, or just body weight.

(1) Stand up straight with your legs about shoulder width apart. Find something you can hold, whether it’s a chair, milk carton or encyclopedia!
(2) Lower yourself down so your bum is at about your knee height and hold slightly
(3) Then go back up.
(4) Repeat 12-15 times

BONUS: Looking for a challenge? Find something heavier to hold or do more repetitions!
If you’re doing just body weight, then hold both arms flat out in front of you whilst you’re completing the exercise.

Exercise 6: Milk bottle swings
Don’t have a kettlebell? Grab a milk bottle instead! This one will focus on your core and arms as you move out and inwards.

(1) Start with your knees slightly bent holding the milk bottle with both hands.
(2) Swing the bottle upwards so it’s just below your eye level, then back down between your legs
(3) Repeat 10 times. Be sure not to swing too high as this can overstretch your lower back and shoulders.

BONUS: Looking for a challenge? Hold two milk bottles.

Exercise 7: Step ups
Our last one is another good mobility exercise. Don’t try to rush this one, focus on the movement itself. Up, then back down again.

(1) Find yourself a chair or stable ottoman to stand on. Make sure it can’t spin or move around (so no office chairs!)
(2) From there, place one leg with your knee bent on the seat, and push upwards so your whole body is off the floor. Then back down.
(3) Repeat on the opposite leg
(4) Repeat for 7-10 times.

BONUS: Looking for a challenge? Grab your filled milk bottles for extra weight, but be sure to stay balanced at all times.