Callum Tuffield

XS Fitness UV Sanitising System

The only one of its kind in W.A, XS Fitness has invested in protecting our members.

Our ultra violet light sanitising system consists of ten (10) high powered UV lamps that eradicate the closed gym to kill viruses, bacteria and other nasties on all exposed surfaces.

Important Member Update: COVID Vaccination Requirements – Final Notice

XS Fitness remind any members who have not yet sent through their digital certificates showing their double vaccination stats to do so urgently.

Please email us your digital certificates ASAP, but no later than 29th of January 2022. Members who have not provided us with a digital certificate by 0900 on the 31st of January will have their access key deactivated and will not be able to enter the building.

XS Fitness Newsletter #9 – September 2021

If you want that beach body this summer, it’s time to start considering your training schedule and your eating habits. Exercise alone is not the only piece in the formula assisting you with weight loss, our diet is as important with the assistance of weight loss. You can work hard in the gym for an hour, however all your work can be erased with five minutes of unmindful eating afterwards.

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